Where do You want to go?

"Safari à la Carte"

Not everyone wants to go to the same places. In particular, we have noticed that our clients have very varied interests – catering for the needs of our clients therefore means tailoring each safari package to suit the individual(s). That's why we have provided the information about some of the more popular destinations on this page.

Where to go? The choice is largely yours. "Safari à la Carte". Different destinations demand different lengths of stay, and Kenya is a big country. However, we have managed to take our clients to a range of diverse destinations within the same safari tour. Are you inspired? Please do not hesitate to send a message to us with your ideas and we will endeavor to put together a package deal for you that will be your dream safari!


Many factors affect the final price per person, such as distance covered, time of year, hotel costs and the number of people travelling. It goes without saying that if you fill a safari bus with travellers, it's going to be much cheaper per passenger than if you're travelling on your own. Having said that, we are confident that even small groups will find our prices reasonable. Besides, when you deal with us you will only see the places you want to see – you pay only for your own choice of destination(s).


We offer several destinations in Kenya for our Safaris and Guided Tours. You may find information and pictures under the appropriate sections listed below:

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