Golf Swing

In Kenya golfing is really in an "Up-Swing" at the moment — pardon the expression. More and more golfers worldwide flock to Kenya for the high level of service, superbly kept lush courses as well as the opportunity to combine the golfing holiday with scenic safari tours.

We can arrange for you to stay near or at one of the many golf courses Kenya has to offer for part of your safari tour. No doubt this will revitalise you for further wildlife experiences!

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

The deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean outside the Kenyan coast offer you fishing experiences above the average. We offer both shorter and longer fishing trips with trusty, experienced local fishermen. While expecting the thrill of the catch, you will be well catered for to make sure your experience is a full one.

Deep sea fishing is an ideal complement to your safari, showing Kenya's rich wildlife both at sea and on land. We recommend it for a rounded-out tour of Kenya!

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

As has already been mentioned under the 'Safaris' section Kenya is a country of mountains, boasting the 2nd highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya with a top altitude of 5,120 metres (17,858 ft) above sea level.

Rock Climbing in Kenya offers not just the thrill of adventure but a stunning view of wildlife absolutely unrivalled in the world. You will be able to feel totally secure with experienced guides as you take on the challenge of a lifetime.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Family Snorkeling

The wonderfully inviting waters of the Indian Ocean contain a multitude of fascinating wildlife. Why not explore this magical world through your own eyes? We offer excursions to reefs and rental of snorkeling- and scuba equipment in order for you to see this beauty for yourself.

As you bask in the sunshine and enjoy the pleasantly temperate water truly magical experiences await you! We can arrange both family outings as well as more adventurous expeditions.

Kite Surfing

Kite Surfer

The experience of suspending oneself off a kite, letting yourself go and flying across the water has been described as "losing your soul to the elements". The warm sunshine, the cool water and the wind in your hair (and kite) will let you experience being one with the elements!

We arrange for equipment and tuition in how to get the most out of this thrilling adventure sport. No doubt the breathtaking experience will leave you wanting more!

Activities We Arrange

Along with your safari holiday, we are happy and proud to offer a most comprehensive range of activities that will contribute to your complete Kenyan holiday experience.

The activities and adventures described on this page are but a few of the possible arrangements that we can make for your comfort and joy. Please let us know if there is a particular activity that you would like to incorporate into your safari tour and we will endeavor to arrange it for you!

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